Sunday, January 30, 2005

Blitz, Farnham Maltings

Shirl, my sister, came over on Friday night. She was very welcome but she didn't give me my LiveStrong yellow bracelet, which she has apparently lost! I hope she finds it and posts it to me as she keeps promising to do.
Shirl had come over to go and see the musical Blitz with us. As children, the soundtrack to Blitz was one of about 4 LPs that the family owned, and we played it over and over again until we'd learnt all the words. Later, Shirl acquired the CD but gave it to Mum and probably Dad has sold it! In case you don't know, the story is about a Jewish family and a Cockney family, who are big rivals in the Petticoat Lane market, and how the Blitz and young love bring them together, kind of a reworking of Romeo and Juliet.
The company performing the musical was Farnham Amateur Operatic Society. I expected it to be not all that polished, but in fact everyone was very well rehearsed, it was just as good as some of the professional musicals I've seen in Cardiff, and only £12 for the best seats. The ushers were dressed as ARP Wardens (Grandad was one, apparently). The ladies playing Mrs Blitzstein and Carol in particular were excellent singers and actors. The costumes and sets looked fantastic, and they had an orchestra as well (a violin out of tune!!). Shirl and I sang along happily, but Shirl said the lady sat next to her moved away! Some people hate you to have fun!!
Really enjoyed the evening. We went to the Lamb afterwards for some Shepherd Neame beer to lubricate our strained vocal chords, and found a band in there as well. Some Pink Floyd/Radiohead/Soft Cell type things for Bill to sing along to, and Shirl and I had a little dance to Tainted Love.
Shirl went on to London next morning to visit a friend, Bill went to see Weymouth v Basingstoke

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