Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Burns Night

Bill has gone to the pub with Johnny P, leaving me to celebrate Burns Night with my 'Trainspotting' CD and some of his Laproaig;-)
It is good to be able to get on OUR computer again, after Bill hogged it all evening yesterday, pausing only to eat. Admittedly I did kick the connection out a few times on the way to the kitchen, but then he should 1) nail the cable down and 2) save his work more often.
I have missed mentioning the folking.com 'party' at Farnham Maltings a few days ago - Steve Winchester started proceedings; it was gentle acoustic guitar music, not party music, but I enjoyed it and was quite tempted with a CD. Martha Tilston (Steve's daughter) was also pretty good, another acoustic guitar merchant - liked her 'Tribal Dancing' song.
There followed a jamming session at which I spotted Tim Cotterell from Legacy - I'm quite friendly with Mal Simms, their bodrhan player/singer, who teaches me bodrhan once a year at Fareham and Gosport Folk Festival.
However, the dance band on at the end of the evening, 'Ted Can't Hear You' left a lot to be desired! The lead singer/guitarist was pretty good, and the mandolin produced a lively Levellers-like style, but the mandolinist could not sing (he was somehow required to sing all the Irish songs). The bassist seemed to be just twanging one string, the drummer stole the show and he was one of the folking.com guys drafted in at the last minute. Next time guys, book 'Drunk in Public'! :-D

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