Tuesday, January 04, 2005

First Day Back At Work :-(

Actually I didn't feel too bad getting up this morning, I think it was a smart move getting an early night the night before. Same old crowd at the station this morning, had a chat with Sean the Architect who was only expecting a light day at work today, as opposed to me, fully expecting a terracotta-army of samples lined up on my bench. The train was fairly empty, although TDK Lady told me the early train was jam-packed with folk heading for Gatwick.
Said hi to the bosses this morning, and asked about priorities, but Ian only grunted at me, as is his way when he's concentrating on something else. Peter and Joan were more talkative - poor Pete had to work over Christmas and the floor polishers couldn't do our lab because he was in the way!! So Food Safety alone has a matt surface in the midst of the swimming-pool like floors of the rest of the building.
Eventually Ian came down and gave me Cereal Pesticide Residues to do - very sensible as there are loads of them, yet I could only select about a quarter of them to do over 2 days. Ian gave me yet another calendar, with some very nice photos of (we think) Scotland, but I may swap it for one from home as it's a bit big for my corner of the lab.
Pete put on some awful punk CD this morning, but as soon as he left to do some milling I put on my Oysterband 'Granite Years' tape, cheers cheers! Maria, my Spanish colleague, likes that tape as it's got a Spanish folk song part translated into English, which she always finds strange!
Had to dash for the train on the way back, as the minibus now leaves at 17.05 for a 6 mile journey to the station, where my train departs 17.14. Luckily said train was 2 minutes late - there's not another one till 18.14.
Well, must be off to cook my couscous! Mmm, those sausages smell nice, I'm glad I'm not on a diet ;-)

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