Thursday, January 06, 2005

Women's Problems

I won't go into the gory details, I don't want to put off any of my readers!
I've been having a few Women's Problems and had to go to Frimley Park Hospital today to find out what's wrong. The consultant had a good look and a rummage first, and couldn't find anything amiss. She then took some tissue samples to check for infection or cancer, and a blood sample to check my hormone levels. The (obviously inexperienced) staff nurse couldn't find a vein, she was feeling my arm for ages and I was becoming more and more nervous. Eventually she called the junior matron who found one (in my good arm) after some time, but by then I was having to take deep breaths. She took the sample and I watched the vial fill with blood - then I came over faint all of a sudden and had to lie down, much to my embarrassment. The nurses were really nice about it though, even making me a cup of tea - I guess that's what comes of using my BUPA cover. When I was thrown off the blood donor's registry for fainting, the NHS nurses were really rude!
Anyhow I've got to go back to the hospital twice, for an ultrasound and a laparoscopy, and to the doctors next week for another blood test. I don't like having to take more time off work, especially as we're so busy at the moment, but I suppose it'll mean less time off in the long run if they can get the problem sorted out.
I cheered myself up after the hospital visit with a new haircut and a bit of shopping in Farnborough.
There are some dreadful sounds coming from downstairs, either Bill's strangling the cat or he's practising his tin whistle again...

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