Thursday, January 27, 2005

Train Wars - over?

My morning journey has been a lot less stressful recently - I haven't been tricked, sneered at or laughed-at-in-face since Clive helped me with my bike (see Train Nightmares posting). In fact he and his main buddies have been looking rather shamefaced. I have been spied on but then I mentioned loudly that I was fed up with it and the spying too ceased.
What I think happened is this. Shortly after Clive squeezed himself onto the train at North Camp the announcement comes that the train had been delayed due to a suicide at Salfords. I smiled at this, thinking it would be a cool way to pay back a trainload of arseholes who had made your life a misery. Clive sees me smile and thinks I'm thinking about topping myself (I wouldn't, don't worry!)
Anyhow Clive, though I annoy him, wouldn't want to dance on my grave. So he is disposed to feel some compassion and help me politely with the bike. And that's why he asks me if I'm all right.
Then he puts me on suicide watch, which is what all the spying was about. Somebody else, not Clive, bitches about me to Solitaire but Clive sticks up for me, and Solitaire tries to be friendly again (too late I fear).
I think it's reasonable if I wouldn't ever trust Clive again, or any of his mates. But the atmosphere of a morning is a lot better.

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