Saturday, January 08, 2005

CAMRA Skittles Evening, Foresters Arms, Bagshot

Many thanks to Ian for organising this event, it was great fun! I took the train straight from work to get to Bagshot, changing at Guildford to get the 18.01 service. I met up with Hilary who was on her way home, sadly she couldn't come out to play last night as she was visiting her mother. Hilary is a really sweet person, a newish addition to SHB CAMRA, I get on with her well.
Then I had to walk from Bagshot station to the Foresters which was a bit awkward, since I was carrying a big cardboard box for my Xmas decorations which I'd acquired from work, and it was blowing a gale. Silly Val! I should have brought it home another night.
First off, Ian produced a list of names in random order, and we played one against one to see who scored the most from 3 balls, the winner going into the next round. I was knocked out on the first round by Brian's sister Celia, Bill was knocked out first round as well. We consoled ourselves with the Taylor's Dark Mild, Taylor's Landlord and Wychwood Festive Spirits that were on offer. I blame the very unusual alley at the Foresters - very short, bumpy and steep alley, fat skittles, and the pink rubber bowling balls that you weren't allowed to bounce off the back. Bizarre.
Julie won the knockout competition, she was far better than the rest of us! Then the food arrived. My fish and chips was good if a bit meagre, and I was starving hungry, could have done with a pud as well.
The next competition was what we used to call 'Killer' in Cardiff. We were again listed randomly and had one ball each to throw at the skittles. If you missed you lost a life, of which you had three. Any skittles you knocked down stayed down for the next person (so the good tactic was to leave the next person with one awkward-to-get one). I managed to get a bit further on this one, but as I had more beer (Titanic Full Steam Ahead and Nethergate Umbel Ale, tasting fresher than previous offerings) my ability decreased! Julie won again, but Bob Southwell and Nick came close. Other Val took lots of photos - I expect they will appear soon at Eric the Cat's Blogspot.Lastly we played 'Killer' again except in 2 teams picked randomly. Unfortunately one team had more of the good players (Bill's team, not my team) so that one lost least lives and won the game. Still, all good fun.
By 5 past 11 I was absolutely shattered but still had a lot of walking to do - 20 minutes to Bagshot station, 25 minutes from Frimley station to home. Thankfully Bill carried my cardboard box for me and only complained a little bit!

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