Monday, January 17, 2005

A Boozy Weekend

Didn't we have a luvverly time on Saturday. Ian organised a superb minibus crawl of (mainly) country pubs in north Hampshire, with an itinerary given to all of us, to make sure nobody lingered over their beer and made us late for the next pub! Other Val has written a list of all the pubs on Eric the Cat's Blogspot.
My favourite of the day was definitely the Hawkley Inn, Hawkley. A characterful, community pub with excellent beer and good pub grub, I'd reccommend it to all real ale freaks out there.
By Alton I'd had enough lunchtime drinking so decided to catch the train home (I had to walk back all the way from Ash Vale due to missing the stopping service from North Camp). But Ian kindly picked me up after the crawl to take Bill, Val and I to a jazz session at the Bee in Windlesham, before heading home for a well earned rest.
The band was led by Jackie Linton, and they played a variety of blues, jazz, boogie and rock n' roll numbers. They were very good musicians, also very loud! We had more beer and had a good dance, especially when they played a Status Quo medley at the end. Air guitars all round!! Matt joined us later to pick up the wreckage and deposit us back home - thanks Matt.
Lazy day on Sunday, didn't get up till gone 12. Took the computer over to Simon and Jane's house and also met Helen, who was looking very chic in a black velvet dress and black tights. We took Simon to the Sandrock and bought him a couple of beers which I thought only fair, as we are missing our computer terribly and it is good of him to volunteer to fix it for us. Jane stayed to entertain Helen, as she doesn't drink.
Had difficulty getting out of bed this morning - it was so cold! But there's lots of work to be done...

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