Monday, January 24, 2005

Steve Tilston and Brooks Williams, Bedales School

Val and Bill were also there, so just a very small is up and running but haven't had the chance to get on it at home...
Bedales School is a very good venue if a little hard to find (it's near Petersfield somewhere). One of the teachers is into folk music and real ale, so there's always good stuff on of both kinds! The Ballards Trotton bitter, straight from the cask, was in excellent form and so was Steve Tilston, even if he did have trouble remembering the lyrics at times! I really like his style of music, and the stories behind the songs are interesting too. We bought his latest album and the songs could easily be hits, so catchy.
Brooks Williams was the more polished of the two, and a very skilful guitarist, but I didn't enjoy his music so much. I would have liked to hear a bit more about where he came from (Georgia, USA) and how he came to be touring with Steve etc etc. Still, the two worked well together, concert was great.


Val said...

I wasn't there you know!

Val Badger said...

I was though ;-)
Sorry, was getting mixed up with party!