Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Know your Enemy

Yesterday there was more evidence of bad-mouthing against me on the train, as Solitaire, who is usually chats a little to me, didn't return my 'hi' and wouldn't even meet my eye when I tried to raise a smile. I noticed Mr Beige Jumper, a crony of Clive's, smirking and watching my reaction. Bastard! What have he/they been saying about me? Anyhow once more I plucked up the courage to confront Clive this morning (Beige Jumper wasn't there) in case I'd upset him again - it seemed like a good idea as he's been slightly less confrontational recently.
I followed Clive (remember it's not his real name) off of the train, but he's very fast on his feet and on getting to the bike sheds I feared I'd lost him. Seeing a little pale balding man stooped over a bike, I said 'Clive, can I talk to you' and he answered 'Yes, what is it' without looking up. So I started to say very sorry if you feel I've treated you badly in the past blah-de-blah but can we please stop this war and get back to some semblance of normality and grownupness. I hadn't got very far with this carefully thought out speech when Clive said 'Are you sure you mean me?' It was another Clive the Cyclist! There are two of them!! This one could have been enemy Clive's twin except that he had blue eyes, spooky. It was like Gollum and Smeagol, honestly!
Anyhow Other Clive the Cyclist was very nice about it and said 'don't worry, be happy' probably good advice, and what any decent man would say about things that have happened well in the past. He probably thought I was totally nuts though, how embarrassing. O well, try again some other time...

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