Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Budgies Reunited

Today is the day before the dreaded UKAS audit, so my first instinct this morning was to go round calibrating things, tidying, cleaning and hiding stuff. However, Ian asked me to analyse some NDMA malts instead, a batch which he had prepared earlier, and that took all day. There was time between GC injections to do some washing up, but calibrations have to be done upstairs because that's where the accurate balance is. So, we'll just have to not use all the uncalibrated stuff.
Joan and Pete hid the malt samples which have been cluttering the place up, and Maria, star woman, cleaned the benches even though she's only a guest in the lab, not a full time occupant.
At lunch I met an old friend from Cardiff CAMRA and my Sealed Knot Regiment (Gerards, aka the Budgies), who grandly appeared on the Weekly Arrangements as Dr Katharine Gammon. Kathy applied for a 6 month contract job, not actually working for us but for one of our customers but using our facilities. I tipped her the wink for the job, and she passed the interviews, she just has to decide whether she wants the job. She seemed quite positive after meeting Caroline. It would be cool to have an old friend working at the same site and to socialise with her again.
Steve left a bottle of Bordeaux on the Round Table in the canteen, I couldn't believe it when no-one else took it! Well I couldn't leave it there all lonely, and it is now amongst many of its kin in the Booze Cupboard.
Thought I would have to work late to get the malts done but lovely Ian volunteered to finish them for me.
Invited Simon and Jane out to the pub - but Simon's given up midweek drinking!! I just might have to beat Bill at Scrabble again instead! (Later edit - I lost :-[ )

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