Saturday, January 01, 2005


What a swell party it was down at the Prince of Wales last night. Bill, Steve and I were like the 3 Amigos in our sombreros and other kit! Steve and I sported black handlebar moustaches, Bill had a 4 day beard. We had 2 cowboy guns and a musket between us, well prepared for the bandido lifestyle! I had my poncho as well, I haven't been that trendy for 20 years! Other Val arrived a bit later, with a nice black outfit with turquoise tassels, and black stetson.
We were sat right under the speaker, which ws playing genu-ine Mexican music, including La Cocoracha and the dancing-around-your-Guinness music, the tables had chili-pepper tablecloths on them, and there were various cacti and anacondas of the inflatable variety aroungd the pub. My tash got a bit uncomfortable after a while so I stuck it on the nearest anaconda. Sally the salamander had a great time lapping at other people's pints.
The gang of professional dresser-uppers were there again - I remember from last year that they have access to BBC costumes - and they looked great. Their costumes included a padre, a cuatro-playing bandido, a Mexican chief of police, an 18-th century looking soldier, a Mexican floozie and a woman painted green (we later worked out that she was supposed to be a cactus!). Anyhow they were collecting for Tsunami Disaster Fund so I gave them a contribution in return for a photo (photo gallery to come, unfortunately the web is very slow at the moment so can't set one up just yet).
Food arrived at about 9.30 as did Simon, Jane and Simon's Mum. There was loads of food - a 5 layer dip consisting of soured cream, cheese sauce, salsa, guacamole and refried beans, nachos and cheese, and various bits of finger food including cream cheese stuffed Jalapenos, quesilladas, pizza-type slices and beef roll-ups.
I met Cropredy Man, who turned out to be a nice chap, and some neighbours from opposite, thanks to Other Val being her usual outgoing self. Then at midnight the balloons were released and we sang 'Auld Langs Eyne' with arms crossed, in a big chain around the room. There was some decent dance music and we were all pretty drunk by then (I think I'd had 3 pints and 2 whiskies). Bill and Steve were being particularly rowdy, I vaguely recall :-D
Anyhow not at my best today surprisingly enough, the internet is painfully slow, it's raining and I need a new mouse. Oh well, there's still hair of the dog! I noticed that another bottle of Glen Moray has mysteriously appeared in our booze-cupboard (although Bill refused to believe me), probbly a present from recent guests. Thankyou, whoever it was!!
2005 here I come LOL!

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