Friday, January 14, 2005

Computer problems

I'm having to use the computer at work to write my blog, as our home computer is not working. Bill was in the middle of emailing someone and it switched itself off and started beeping loudly, and did the same every time we tried to boot up. Apparently this indicates a problem with the hard drive. I hope it's not a virus, or we've lost all our digital photos including the wonderful ones of our holiday in Iceland.
I've had a few mild warnings for my posting about the lab audit, so I've edited it a bit. I think I'll go back to my original idea of just writing about my social life, that way I won't risk getting the sack. But anyone who writes a blog, or indeed anything always risks upsetting someone! At least you can edit blog posts.
Also Hello seems to be blocked from work computer - it's sexually explicit, apparently!! I knew I shouldn't have posted that picture of my pussy!

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