Thursday, February 10, 2005

Wine Tasting Evening at the Prince of Wales

Yet another blood test at Frimley Park Hospital in the morning. I had paperwork to prepare and had to cycle over there, plus there was a 1 hour 15 min wait. But at least this time the nurse believed me that there were no good veins in my arms, and she went for the hand straight away. Why don't they just take blood from the hand in the first place? It doesn't ache quite so much.
Then cycled back to Farnborough, and had just about time for a half of Ringwood 49er (delicious) before heading back to work. Annoyingly, I had to change at Guildford which wouldn't have been the case last year, so was a little bit late coming back. But at least I managed to purchase an almond croissant from the coffee stall to keep me going.
After work, I did some shopping in Sainsbury's and picked up the bike ready to go on the 18.13 back to North Camp, as I would have missed the 17.13 anyway. Clive arrived after me, and surprisingly left his bike next to me on the platform while he went into the waiting room to keep warm. Cheeky git! But at least he propped his bike in a different doorway and refrained from bitching loudly about me with Posh Girl, his usual crony for the journey home.
Anyhow to the Wine Tasting. We were given lists of the wines to be tasted (numbers and red/white) and had to guess the country of origin, and sometimes a key flavour or grape variety, also to rate the wine 'wow!' or 'yuk!'. We started off with white wines, which Bill and I hardly ever drink, so we were struggling, only guessing 1 out of 7 (different wines). Meanwhile the bar staff brought thai snacks, also cheese and biscuits. Next came the reds which we were better on, but we were getting rather p*ssed by then so we didn't really care!! The landlord had saved the best till last, and we both rated it 'wow!' so at least we both have expensive tastes! A cracking evening, thanks Peter the Landlord!
Bit hung over today though...:-/

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