Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Interesting Train Journey

It had snowed overnight, and when I woke up this morning everything was covered in about 6mm of snow. Aah!
I left home in plenty of time this morning, for a change, carefully navigating the level crossing at Farnborough North, which hadn't been salted and was quite slippy.
I met Finance Lady, who is very friendly and has chatted to Sean and I before. Sean wasn't there though. She was in a very good mood as she was on her way to a big Financiers' Dinner in London. She was still chatting to me in Guildford, when Loud Eric and his friends got on, and they sat all around her in the bay of 6 seats. Unfortunately Loud Eric is prejudiced against me, as he is also friendly with Clive (he held up the Croydon train for Clive yesterday). So poor Finance Lady was trying to introduce me to all these people, and Loud Eric was trying to hide behind his Daily Mail and ignore me!!
I thought maybe I should warn Finance Lady that there's malicious gossip going around about me, but a friend advised me not to mention it, but to let her make up her own mind. I just hope she doesn't snub me like Solitaire did, that would really hurt. That ***** cowardly Clive, is all I can say! Why can't he insult me to my face, if he's still got a problem with me?
Anyhoo work went well today which cheered me up again. I also received my LiveStrong bracelet in the post, thanks to Shirl for posting it and her friend Alison for selling another one to her!
I also received my Bike Events magazine. I'm really tempted to do the Stroke Association ride across the Thames Bridges. Although it's only 32 miles, less than the London to Windsor which I did last year, it's a cause that's dear to my heart as my Mum had a severe stroke aged 59, and both my grandmothers died of stroke. But there are others that appeal - will have to discuss it with Bill...

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