Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Rellies and Romance

At the weekend Bill and I went to visit my sister, Shirl on Saturday. It was just as well we were staying away as the $?£*! roofers had left big flaps of roofing felt sticking out of the roof on Friday night, and noise of flapping kept me awake even downstairs >:(
Shirl took me shopping in Southampton whilst Bill attended his CAMRA meeting. I didn't buy much due to being broke. Shirl had lost my LiveStrong bracelet in the flat somewhere - we both hunted high and low for it but to no avail. O well. Bill and I had gret fun with her boyfriend's Karaoke Playstation game - you have to sing along to various tracks and it gives you marks for singing the correct tune, holding the notes etc. Shirl, Bill and I were very closely matched, but Shirl the best. Shirl cooked us Spag Bol, then we headed off to the Waterfront to see the filn 'Sideways'. Bill and I thought it was very funny, especially as we'd just been to a wine tasting, and it was about a vineyard-touring stag week! Shirl enjoyed it less though, maybe she's a bit too young for all that middle-aged angst.
Next day we headed off to Dorset to see my father-in-law and his girlfriend. Both seemed in good health, happy to chat about what the grandkids, nephews and nieces were all up to. We met up with my parents for Sunday Lunch in the Hunter's Moon, Middlemarsh - happily Mum was well enough to come out. The carvery looked very good, less impressed with the chicken and bacon salad. Treacle Pud was excellent though.
Then back to my parents for a chat - but Mum was very quiet, and after a while started weeping. I'm glad seeing her daughter cheers her up so much! Perhaps she just gets upset because she knows I'm going away again at some point. Poor Mum.
Lastly on Sunday we went out for an early Valentine's meal at Wings Cottage in North Camp. It was £13.50 for 3 courses so good value, the food was excellent as always, good service, house wine (Aussie Shiraz/Cabernet) good too. There was a big family party there, also other couples but it wasn't too noisy. Thankyou Bill you're wonderful xxxxxxx!!

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