Friday, February 04, 2005

Badminton Nite

Thought I'd go along to Badminton this evening with some of my colleagues, as I haven't been for quite some while. Friday night is a bad night, really. Usually Bill has already organised some concert or CAMRA event to go to, or we're on our way to a weekend visiting friends or relations. Plus most of the time I'm too tired after a week of work.
I knew I was unfit as I struggled towards Donyngs Sports Centre with 3 heavy bags! As I was the worst player I was paired first with Peter, who organises the Badminton courts and is the best player. Ellen and Sarah, both very good, on the other side of the net. I thought I'd be hopeless after long abscence but managed to return a few shots. However I'd forgotten a lot of Pete's tips, such as serving deep, and was a bit lazy letting him do all the running around! We won (due to Pete of course).
Next I was in a Ladies Doubles match, me with Gill, against Ellen and Sarah. Ellen and Sarah won, me playing quite badly I felt.
Ellen and I played each other next. Ellen had had an injury, and was being kind to me, hitting the shuttle where I had a fair chance of reaching it, otherwise I'm sure I wouldn't have got any points at all! Ellen still won convincingly.
Lastly it was me and Pete against Ellen and David, we won again. Strangely I only ever win when paired with Pete!
I worked out that with the new train timetables there was time for a swift half in the Red Lion afterwards. Unthinkingly I ordered a half of the Greene King IPA, then on the first sip remembered why I always drink the Guinness there!! I didn't have any chips to go with my half pint of near-vinegar but there were crisps and mayonnaise, a Badders Nite Speciality introduced by me!
All in all a fun evening - I just wish I could persuade people to go just a little bit further to a pub that looks after their cask beer. O well!

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