Saturday, February 26, 2005


Checked into the Woking Nuffield yesterday at 10.30am for my laparoscopy, it was pretty much as I imagined it, being a lot like a health spa, not very much like the kinds of hospital my poor Mum has been in recently.
I got a room to myself with nice comfy adjustable bed, remote control TV and ensuite shower and toilet! How the other half lives! The nurses were all friendly and polite. I had a bit of a wait for my op which was at 3pm. The anaesthetist could only find a small vein, so it was quite painful for a few seconds till I passed out. Then woke up with oxygen mask on me and it was all over!
The nurses told me that there had been an 'incident' during the op, that my blood pressure had dropped for some unknown reason before thankfully climbing again. Funny, I had a premonition that things would go amiss. Pain had also broken through, and I had to be given morphine. Whee-hee!
The consultant showed me colour piccies of my insides - fascinating, it's a shame I couldn't keep them! There was indeed white strands of 'old endometriosis' which she lasered away for me, otherwise everything normal. I have 3 stitches which will be taken out next week.
I am still in pain now, and having to walk doubled-up like an old lady. Hope I'm OK for work on Monday.

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