Friday, February 18, 2005

Johnny Dickinson - Dorking Folk Club

Other Val kindly agreed to drive us to Chanticleer again for Johnny Dickinson, a blues guitarist from Morpeth in Northumbria. The poor lad had driven 700 miles to get to the concert in Dorking, and had 700 miles to travel back to the Borders for his next gig! It was just as well there was a largeish crowd of us there.
Johnny is a very skilful guitarist and did lots of clever slidey stuff, and a few folk songs like Black Jack Davey, all sung in an American accent. Blues guitar isn't really my thaang. I was feeling very tired and ill anyway, so the slow, low-tuned guitar numbers were sending me slowly to sleep on the club's lovely soft sofa. I think if you were a real guitar enthusiast you'd appreciate Johnny Dickinson a lot more.
The ale in the Friends Provident Club is very good, I've just reccommended it to my friends in the local CAMRA branch. The Fullers London Pride was some of the best I've ever tasted, and the Welton's was, well, Welton's.
I think if Neil continues to book these top acts, Bill and I should join. If only Dorking weren't so far away :-/

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