Thursday, February 03, 2005

The Amazing Mr Smith, Dorking Chanticleer Club

Yesterday Other Val, Bill and I went to the The Amazing Mr Smith at the Chanticleer folk club, at Friends Provident Social Club in Dorking. Other Val seemed impressed at the luscious surroundings and comfy chairs of the Social Club. She is learning how to play the melodeon and Neil, who runs the folk club, gave her an impromptu lesson during his floor spot, a little to her embarrassment (Val not easily embarrassed).
The Amazing Mr Smith was a bit of an odd mixture. Some of his musical gags were more for kiddies (he admitted to touring as a children's entertainer), such as the 'home-made' balalaika which was just his guitar with a huge orange triangle stuck to it with velcro. Some of his gags were decidedly adults-only, such as the harp with strings made from condoms, and the Northumbrian pipes made from a catheter :-/ And some of his acoustic guitar tunes he introduced as 'serious' although I noticed the occasional 'avant-garde chord' crept in. I wouldn't go out of my way to see him again, but it was all right for one evening.
The atmosphere at Chanticleer is always nice, and the real ale was in excellent condition, even if only Brains SA and Fullers London Pride were available. Neil and Martina had just returned from a holiday in Kenya and had brought back some goodies like South African wine and bush tea for the raffle, but we didn't win, we never do there!
Worked hard today, managed to get quite a lot done. Lovely Robert Muller, a fan of Val Addiction, gave me half of his Aero, so I promised to say how wonderful he is on the board! So there you are Robert, but that's all the compliments you'll get for this year now!! ;-)

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