Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Bum Deal

...yes, the post you've been waiting for, Val's visit to the proctologist!!
Thanks to Joan and Pete giving me a lift to the station on the way to Pete's driving test, I managed to get home in plenty of time and had a shower before cycling to the hospital. I was seen almost immediately. Mr Singh wasn't quite what I expected, being a tall, elegantly dressed man of about my age, and not wearing a bow tie, just an ordinary, pink one! He asked me questions about my rear end in a very professional manner, but his nurse was a disapproving-looking older lady, which I found quite off putting!
Again I won't go into the gory details but he had a bit of a rummage and had a look up there with a periscope thingy, but could see nothing wrong. But, as he explained, that was just the first four inches of bowel. So I will need a colonoscopy to check for endometriosis, which I'm fairly convinced I've got. What fun. And I won't cycle over for a proctology appointment again, I'll tell ya!

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