Saturday, April 02, 2005

Greensand Way, Part 2

Was much relieved that Clive did not play any practical jokes on me for April Fools Day - either he has mellowed or he is afraid to do so now I've got a few friends on the train. Surely I can't be the only one that sees he's an idiot?
Went to Badminton with my colleagues yesterday - boss in shorts, what a frightening sight!! (P45 on it's way for that, I'm sure). I lost, but then the sports centre lights were shining on my glasses. That's my excuse anyway!
The Pope has died, it's just been announced. Poor old man, he suffered ill health for a long time. Now we have all the excitement of the Conclave. I have just been reading Angels and Demons by Dan Brown, which is a bit of a coincidence, so now I'm extremely knowledgeable about the process of Papal election. Hopefully the Conclave won't be quite that frought though!
Today Bill and I went walking, as the weather was pleasant. Bill picked the Greensand Way from Shamley Green to Holmbury St Mary, as there were lots of hills and so good training for the Pennine Way. The views from the ridge through Hurtwood were amazing. We stopped halfway at the Windmill (or W, according to the sign), a trendy wine bar type place which was a bit different for us! Bill had a glass of Merlot, I had a glass of Cab Sauv, and we sat on the wooden balcony outside the bar admiring the Mediterranean-style decor and views across Ewhurst to Blackdown. What the bar staff thought of my scruffy cords and Billy Bragg T-shirt I don't know though!
Wine is not a good walking drink, and I felt very sleepy for the next 6 miles or so till we got to Holmbury St Mary. We had 3 hours to kill till the bus came, so we tried the Kings Head (King Horsham Best, Greene King IPA and Old Speckled Hen, all in excellent condition) and the Royal Oak (tired Adnams Bitter). Then an enjoyable bus ride back to the car. Photos will soon be available for Valerie's Gallery!

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