Monday, April 04, 2005

Sunday Lunch with the Rellies

On Sunday Bill and I went out with Bill’s father and girlfriend, George and Eileen, (both in their 80’s!) and my Mum and Dad to the Gaggle of Geese, Buckland Newton, somewhere inbetween where the two sets of relatives live. First we stopped off at George and Eileen’s to drop off their Easter Egg, catch up on news from the extended family, and nag George to get a hearing aid (pardon?)!
The welcome at the Gaggle of Geese was as warm as usual, and the Butcombe Bitter was excellent, but the service was a little slow due to staff shortages (the landlord was most apologetic). Everybody had the Roast Beef apart from me (I had steak), and the pub even did small portions for the oldies and charged us a bit less, which was very good of them. The steak was very tasty, with fresh mushrooms and crispy onion rings, homemade chips and salad. The others seemed satisfied with their roast meals – there were no leftovers! For dessert the Aged P’s had apple pie and cream, whilst Bill had spotted dick with custard, and I had banana split (kidding myself it was more healthy!) I can recommend the food and beer there to anyone.
Mum seemed OK, except that she was very quiet and looked a little upset during the meal. When we got back to my parent’s house she started weeping and wouldn’t say why, so Bill and I thought it was best to leave early so as not to stress her too much. At least my Dad seemed happy to see us, showing off the new plants in his garden and talking of moving house again (Dad loves moving house, he would move every 2 years if he could afford it!).
Stopped off at the Weyhill Fair near Thruxton on the way back and sampled some Ramsbury Beer, brewed in the Kennet Valley. Delicious! We were glad to see that the takeover of the pub by Fullers hadn’t changed the pub much. Food looked good value too. The Weyhill Fair is set to remain a regular stopover pub on the way back from Dorset!
Oh well, back to work now!

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