Thursday, April 14, 2005

Sarah Grey and Keiron Means

Other Val fancied seeing Sarah Grey and Keiron Means down at Dorking Folk Club yesterday, so Bill suggested we all meet up at a pub in Dorking for dinner before the concert started. I suggested the Kings Arms, as the Christmas Meal we go to there is always good. I took the 18.14 to Dorking and ordered basket meals for everyone – adequate at £5.50. Val wasn’t that impressed with her ‘trio of sausages’ - all the same fairly cheap looking type! But my burger was fine. She enjoyed the Welton’s Nice Pair though (!) and Bill and I liked the Cottage Southern Bitter. We also tried the Surrey Yeoman, ex Hogshead, purloining the leather sofa and supping some lovely Hogs Back TEA.
Sarah Grey and Keiron Means are an unusual mother/son band. Sarah plays banjo, Keiron guitar, and both sing. Sarah is American, Keiron half-American and they both live on Skye. I expected Keiron to be a bit of a mummy’s boy - he seemed very manly ;-) although Sarah was obviously the leader. Their repertoire consisted mainly of Appalachian songs, many derived from songs that immigrants had brought over and given an American twist to, for instance ‘Gypsy Davey’ became ‘She’s gone with Brady’. I’m not really a fan of Banjo music, and most of the songs sounded too similar to me, but Val and Bill appreciated the concert more. The best bit as far as I was concerned was Sarah’s telling of the stories behind the songs.
On the way back, I was so tired I fell asleep in the back of Val’s car. I hope I didn’t snore too loudly!
Another interesting development on the train – I asked Finance Lady if Clive had been hassling her as he pointedly said ‘good morning’ to her and not me the other day, ‘good morning’ being a bit of a wind up to me as well (long story). She said no, she was at school with him! And she gave me his surname as well!! Woe betide him if he hassles me again, I can give his full name to the BTP. Superb, thankyou lovely Finance Lady ;-D

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