Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Fox on the Run

Yesterday, I thought I’d get up early and cycle to North Camp station. But I’d forgotten to put my alarm clock with the hour change at the weekend! Cue my rush to get dressed, and find the cycle lock before jumping on the bike to Farnborough North.
I did a little grocery shopping in Redhill before unlocking the bike and catching the 17.44 stopping service. Despite my best efforts not all the shopping would fit in my backpack. By the time I’d reached Ash it was raining heavily and coldly, and it was very gloomy. All the cars had their headlights on, but had I remembered to pack my lights after taking them off the bike in transit back from Fareham? No, of course not! At least my pack had its dayglo waterproof cover, good one Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative!
I cycled up the road from Ash to North Camp, very wary of traffic, not being able to see very well because of the droplets on my glasses. There I made the decision to brave the mud on the track of the Blackwater Valley Path home, rather than the cars.
Lindy-bike and myself became soaking wet and plastered with mud - I only had my work clothes on, being in too much of a hurry that morning to sort out lycras. As I neared the Coleford Bridge Road I spotted a fox, and chased it up the path a bit before it jumped across the stream to avoid me. It sat looking at me from the far bank as if to say ‘It’s a muddy human in the rain on one of those bike contraptions! She must be mad!’
When I got home Bill had to fetch the doormats to put under the bike before it made the carpets dirty, as I went to change my clothes. Still after Bill’s homemade Spag Bol I warmed up nicely. No cycling for me till the rain goes away again!!

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