Monday, March 21, 2005

'Drunk In Public' at the Adge, 18/03/05

The nearest the Levellers come to playing to my home, the Agincourt in Camberley! It is a good venue as well, nice big dance floor and lots of bar space. Was pleasantly suprised to find the Adge was serving Hogs Back TEA and Hop Garden Gold from partypins - but it ran out quite quicky. Get a couple of firkins next time guys!
'Drunk in Public' (acoustic Levellers, without bassist Jeremy and drummer Charlie but with Rev Hammer) didn't start till quite late, as they were all next door having a Chinese meal. But the atmos was good, and I met up with a lot of the local boardies from the Levellers' fanclub.
The set was quite similar to DIP sets that I'd heard previously. As the band play sitting down it's harder for them to play the Levellers' faster numbers (which is most of them). The Revered Hammer usually contributes a few songs but I don't like his ones so much and his voice is too Elvissy for my liking.
Anyhoo the boys played Julie, Men-an-tol, Robbie Jones, Carry Me and even One Way of Life all the way through for the encore, which was great! Usually One Way doesn't get played seriously, perhaps the band are a bit sick of requests for it.
I got a front spot whilst Other Val, Julie, Kev and Matt lurked nearer to the bar in order to have a chat. Matt got caught up in the mosh pit and got into all sorts of trouble, it seemed! I was relatively safe at the front, next to Angie's daughter. I took some photos of the gig using Other Val's camera, you can see them on her blogspot
We girls also had our picture taken with Jon, the fiddle player from the Levs! He stuck his tounge out though. Anarchists, eh? ;-)
A fantastic evening, hope DIP come back to the Adge soon!

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