Thursday, March 24, 2005

Steve Knightley and Martyn Joseph, Swan, High Wycombe

Just a quick posting today…yesterday I had some fun on the trains again. The 07.26 train was cancelled so I had to get the 08.00, which was running late because it had to stop at every station, which it would not normally do. I went and sat in First Class, knowing that the ticket inspectors would not venture forth. However there were disadvantages to not having a ticket. As I walked down the steps at Redhill, Clive walked past, smirking. When I saw the queue for tickets, I realised why! It looked to be about 30 minutes long. I queued for a little while, but then thought I’d try my luck on the back gate. My luck was in! The guard knew I was a regular and let me through. Some railway staff can be nice!
Went to see Steve Knightley and Martyn Joseph at the Swan in High Wycombe last night. Of course we went for a little drinkee in the Bell first. Two pounds eighty a pint for Fullers Porter! Outrageous!
The Swan (ex town hall) was a strange venue. Inside was painted white, with a few grey panels. The ceiling was very high, and the hall did not stretch back very far – it was a bit like sitting in a huge cube. The acoustics didn’t seem that brilliant, also Steve’s voice was not on good form – the poor guy looked like he had a bit of a cold. Martyn was helping him out a bit though.
Martyn was very well behaved, only mentioning the rugby a few times (“well at least you managed to beat the Italians” he said). The banter and teasing between Steve and Martyn, who are obviously really good friends in a laddish sort of way, are what makes the concerts really good fun. The music is usually quite drepessing!
As well as the old favourites, such as Please Sir, The Flood, Widdecombe Fair and a few covers such as Stuck in a Moment by U2, they also played some new material about George Bush and Tony Blair and the low oil prices achieved by armed conflict. Quite how that went down with the residents of High Wycombe I don’t know! A few of us fans sang along to Country Life and Are We All Right. Also lots of CDs and Make Poverty History wristbands (see link in the top right hand corner) were sold so I think the guys were quite pleased.
That’s all for now – I’ll post again after Easter and tell you how Fareham and Gosport Folk Festival was!

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