Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Steve Knightley at Forest Folk, 18/07/05

The little scout hut at Boarhunt was packed, a rare occurrence.
Bill and I were almost drumming our fingers through the floor-spot acts, even though the last one was 2 members of the Reivers who were brave enough to play a Show of Hands song! Steve was fantastic (as regular readers would expect) – his gigs are somewhat different when he is without Phil, more introspective and confessional. He talked a little about the Cuatro, which is quite similar to the Ukulele, wonder if I could one day play Steve’s version of Widdecombe Fair on it.
Free strawbs and pizza slices at half time, the only moan would be the queue at the bar again with locals obviously being given precedence. The Ruddles County was a bit rough, according to Bill, who doesn’t like it anyway. Forest Folk is still one of my favourite venues though.

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