Sunday, July 17, 2005

Guifest 2005

Superb weather throughout – I got sunburnt on the Saturday though which was not pleasant. I’d assumed I had sufficient base tan and therefore didn’t need to put on sun cream! Bill laughed though, he’d used sun cream and had not burnt, despite being much fairer.
Friday : The Twelve Sullivans played an excellent set, but were half an hour earlier than in the programme. They were giving out free Guinness providing you downed it in one during one of their Irish drinking songs (I cheated and sipped most of mine before).
The Pogues were the headliners of Friday. There was some speculation as to whether Shane McGowan would be joining them, as he had apparently been double-booked for a gig with the Popes, and also had to cancel a lot of gigs due to ‘stomach problems’ (a euphemism for being paralytically drunk?) However Shane was there, and was sober enough to sing and walk just about! He kept wandering back and forth with a huge bucket of water, presumably the band had given it to him to help him sober up. Maybe when he wandered off stage there was somebody pushing him back on again! The rest of the band were very skilled though and the crowd had a great time with old faves like The Irish Rover.
Saturday: Paul Weller was the headliner, and being a local boy (from Woking!) he was very popular. He is very mellow these days, and only played That’s Entertainment from his Jam days whilst I was there. You Do Something To Me is a great song though. Got sunburnt, sunstruck and blisters on Saturday, so wasn’t in dancing mood anyway!
Bought a little red Ukulele (my Grandad Naylor would have been proud) but needed a tuning whistle which the stall didn’t supply. Hope to have fun with it in future though. Amazing how many musicians stopped to chat to me whilst I was strumming it! Embarrassing!
Sunday: Probably the most fun day, with Ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain to kick off. Daniel Bledingfield was surprisingly good, at least he writes his own stuff and can sing . Shame about all the screaming 13-year-old girls! Lulu was as good as ever at 55, looked fab. Men were shouting ‘I love you’ to her! Was surprised that she wrote The Man Who Sold The World, that’s one of my favourite songs. Preferred David Bowie’s version though.
I took part in the World Record for Air Guitar, shame Bill didn’t want to put his name down. We air-guitared to Sweet Child O’ Mine accompanied by 2 world champion air-guitarists - one dressed as a farmer and the other as Slash from Guns N Roses!
Bill listened to headliners Status Quo, who were, well, Status Quo. I wandered off to see Hayseed Dixie but couldn’t get near enough to hear them, then visited the local band’s stage to listen to some heavy metal merchants. Popular with the lads though.
Couldn’t ask for a better weekend, £75 well spent I say!
On the way back from Guilfest a cat ran out in front of the car and Bill unfortunately hit it. There was a loud bump and we were horrified to see the cat still as death in the middle of the road. I ran back to the cat, meanwhile another car passed over it without hitting it and picked the cat up in my fleece so that it didn’t get run over again.

Whilst Bill found the emergency vet’s number, the cat came round and tried to stand up, but I spoke soothingly to it. I picked it up like a baby and took it round some of the houses nearby to see if anyone recognised it, with no luck.
There was an anxious 6-mile drive to the vets, the cat looking around confusedly from my fleece but not meiowing or struggling. Thankfully, when the vet checked it over there were no broken bones, just a few cuts and bruises. We are now waiting to see if anyone claims her.

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