Thursday, July 21, 2005

Redhill Beer Festival Meeting 20/07/05

It was a hot evening and I thought I’d take the opportunity for a longer cycle ride before meeting up with Kath in town, so I cycled along Route 21 to the Inn on the Pond, where I had a lovely half of Harveys Best, sitting outside watching the sun setting over the North Downs. Was late to meet Kath though – she’d told me 7pm in the Sun and I thought she’d said 7.30pm. She didn’t seem too annoyed though. Had a mediocre half of W J King’s Summer something-or-other there before heading off to sup the outstanding Harvey’s beers at the Garland. Martini the cat greeted me with a loud meiow, always nice when the owner recognises you! On the beer front, the Armada and Tom Paine were particularly superb.
The meeting really dragged but progress was seemingly made – at least there were no troublemakers, in contrast to Cardiff meetings of old! 3 of us from the old days of Cardiff Beer Festival were there (me, Kath, Martin) out of only 5.
Smooth journey home for a change, with Martin as far as Reigate.

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