Thursday, July 07, 2005

London's Burning

Well, today we had our very own 9/11, but we were oddly stoical about it, in total contrast to the Americans. People at work just said 'Shocking, isn't it' and 'It makes my stomach go cold'. The only people who showed any high emotion were the foreign students, one of whose boyfriend was due to be in London sightseeing (but got stuck in lovely Redhill instead).
I was worried that it would take a long time to get home and that the trains would be absolutely packed. But the 17.14 was only a few minutes late. Was relieved that Rachel, John and Chinese Chris were OK, not all that worried about Clive - only the good die young. Again the mood on the train was oddly subdued, no-one even mentioning the disaster till Chinese Chris said, 'Bad news' and it took me a few seconds to work out what he meant. He knew some people working near Edgware Road, so I hoped they were OK. Some people whinged a little about the inconvenience. But it was as if it was bad taste to pay any attention to it.
The older people are immured to bombings because of all the IRA bombings we had a while ago. And we are a very stoical, resillient country.
Hubby has now gone to a meeting in Woking, not allowing the b*stards to get him down, in his own words. He has had only one apology for abscence.
We Brits are great eh :-)

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