Monday, May 02, 2005


Just a quick post tonight...we went walking today around Dunsfold (of the Seven Ponds) loosely based on a walk in 'Walker's Britain' - for more details see Bill Badger (my other half). It was a hot day, and Bill was very careful to take precautions against sunburn with sun cream and a hat. I was less bothered, being a brunette, but drank a lot more water. The heat and my heavy winter boots made it rather hard going (that's my excuse!) and we had to cut the walk short - but only by scrambling up a very steep hill.
We stopped off at Budgens in Ash Vale on the way back, and Bill spotted some oxtail reduced to £1 so he bought it for the evening meal (I fancied curry, but still). The cookbook advised casseroling it, so Bill baked it in a casserole dish with some mushrooms, no sauce. Boy was it tough to eat! I had to pick it up and gnaw the meat off the tailbones, my gums are still hurting now. It just tasted like scrag ends of beef, very fatty, not really worth the effort. I will only eat oxtail in soup from now on. Still, good story to shock my veggie friends with ;-)

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