Saturday, May 07, 2005

Andy and Gill's Wedding

This afternoon we went to Andy and Gill's wedding in St James Church, Rowledge. The church was ever so cute, and it was a lovely service, with a good organist and choir as well. Both Andy and Gill looked great, very relaxed, and very much in love. Outside the Church it was sunny but a bit breezy - various people had to hold Gill's train and veil to stop them blowing around. There was a CAMRA Pals official photo, with Other Val, Matt, Julie, Nick, Hannah, Hannah's boyfriend, Bill and myself with the bride and groom in the porch of the church, I hope nobody blinked! I took a couple of photos on Bill's camera, they will appear in Valerie's Gallery at some point, when I can get the @&*$ing thing to work!!
Then Matt drove Other Val, Julie, Bill and myself to the Sandrock where we had a pint before heading back home for food and maybe a change of clothes, ahead of the evening doo. Then we get together with some other CAMRA-ites who have been pub-crawling all afternoon, that should be lively!

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