Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Curry Nite

Yesterday Ian the Minister came over to stay. I had trouble getting back in the evening due to a cancelled train - but got to Farnborough in time to meet Ian and Bill Badger leaving the Tumbledown Dick. The boys had been expecting to try Hogs Back beer, which was advertised in large letters outside the pub, only to be given halves of vinegar. At least they only ordered halves! Johnny P arrived at about the same time as me, then we all headed off to the Swan, where we had much nicer beer (Elgoods Black Dog Mild in superb form, also some very nice Pride of Pendle from Moorhouse).
We had to drag ourselves away at 9.15 for our curry appointment in the Gurkha Kitchen. The poppadoms were so good Ian ordered another round on top of the free ones you get whilst you wait. We went straight on to the main courses, Ian and Bill going for Chicken Tikka Massala, John for Hot Chicken and me for a medium Nepalese King Prawn curry

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