Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Open Mic Night at Farnham Maltings

Was good to be back in the town of my forebears once more, nd in the Maltings where I've had lots of good times thanks to Darren Beech, the organiser of the folking.com events of a Wednesday. Who knows, when the ex and his woman (who attend every folk gig they possibly can) are on holiday I might sneak over again. On Friday the pair were well out of the way in Birmingham so Patrick and I headed for the open mic night and some very nice Triple fff Maltings Ale down in the Cellar Bar
I was very pleased to see Anthea Neads, an ex member of my choir, Guildford Vox. She has a stunning voice and writes lovely songs - we miss her at choir but obviously can't stand in the way of her solo career. Anthea was first on, and gave a really good performance. I especially liked 'Castle Town' a song about Guildford.
Other highlights included Anthea's friend Lesley Spiers a good guitarist. Sean Lewis seemed to be in a different league with his stunning Spanish Guitar playing and soulful songs (annoyingly, he doen't seem to have a website, or I'd put a link in!). Harbour, a folk band from Farnham, were very enjoyable, I'll be looking out for them in the future. Their fiddle player told a rather rude joke though!
All in all a good night out - despite the inevitable Farnham Maltings false fire alarms, which always happen when it's hissing with rain...

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