Thursday, January 31, 2008

Decree Absolute

Found my Decree Absolute waiting for me after I returned from Chester/Marple visit last Sunday. It came almost by return of post since I requested it, amazingly quick considering how long every other legal process in the divorce seems to have taken! Patrick pointed out that it was a year to the day since he caught Kevin and Ugly holding hands in the CAMRA minibus, and guessed that their relationship was in danger of wrecking our marriage.
More later about Chester - too busy packing to do much blog updating at the moment! I'm moving out on February 6th :)

I had been to Chester before with Kevin and Keith, and remembered that I really liked it. We arrived by train in order to pick up my new (second-hand) Nissan Micra from Marple on Sunday, and took the taxi to the Telford's Wharf pub. Unfortunately it was music night and they were charging £4 admission. We quickly legged it across town to the excellent Bear and Billet instead, where we had some wonderful Cheshire Cat and Okells IPA, and also had fun with the Pringles dispenser!
The hotel was nice, Express by Holiday Inn was it's rather long-winded name, it was right by the racecourse/old Roman harbour with good views of the track. We had a good night's sleep then Patrick headed off for his freight meeting and I headed off for the sales! There were plenty of bargains in the beautiful two-tiered shops, trouble was I was rather broke, so I confined myself to a 60-litre Karrimor rucksack for £30, a gold coloured watch with my £40 worth of H. Samuel vouchers, and a skirt and top from Monsoon, £10 each.
Then it was back to the much quieter Telford's Wharf to watch the world go by with a nice pint of ale, and wait for Patrick's meeting to finish.
Raced across town to get the train to Frodsham where Patrick's friend Sharon lives, but missed it by one minute! Chester station is very bad for passenger information. Waited an hour for the next train, in an adequate pub nearby. Sharon had cooked us an excellent meal which she'd had to keep warm for us. After very pleasant evening we caught the last connecting train back to Marple - but the train from Oxford Road broke down just outside the station!! Finally got to Marple about 1am, very tired.
Chester was very enjoyable once more - I'm sure we will be back soon, probably by boat!

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