Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wittering On

Went to West Wittering recently with my friends Simon, Jane and Patrick, as well as Rosa the Dog (Five Go Down To The Beach?). Of course we could not go all the way down to Wittering without a pub stop along the way - so we dropped into the Horse and Groom at East Ashling. As soon as we entered the pub the smell of the food started driving me crazy, so we decided to stop for a meal - I had the Shoulder of Lamb which, though on the expensive side, was both substantial and delicious - well worth the money. Everyone was pleased with their meal and Rosa got to have my lamb bone! Rosa was unhappy in the car, and a neighbour kept phoning up the pub and complaining. However the pub were very understanding and allowed Rosa in to the bar area, where she calmed down considerably. The Dark Star Hophead was excellent but Pat had given up booze for Lent - so of course Simon and I extolled the virtues of the beer at length!!
West Wittering beach was nearly empty, apart for a few couples with dogs. There were lots of interesting shells and stuff - I was disconcerted to find that I've forgotten most of my seashore biology, will have to get my copy of Seashore Life out again. Simon was skimming stones (mostly) impressively with Rosa chasing after them, we lost Jane amidst the dunes but were all reunited eventually. Simon and Jane had brought some real coffee in a big flask, also chocolate and biscuits, then we piled into the car to head off home.
The stop on the way back was the Fox Goes Free at Charlton. The beer was not so good, being a bit on the cold side. The house bitter is brewed by Arundel and so it's a bit on the malty and sweet side but still a good session pint.
Then a rush back for choir gig at the Student Union, University of Surrey!


TCA said...

On another Wednesday evening you might have run into us in the Fox!

(Beer was OK when we were there!)

The Zinc Stoat said...

Did you have boiled eggs, ham and lashings of ginger beer?