Friday, December 24, 2004

Other Val's Party

Last night was Other Val's Party - to celebrate a new arrival in her family - a melodeon! Her son William also had a party, we had the kitchen and the teenagers had the rest of the house. Val had stocked up on the beer, wisely, so I tried bottles of Badger Champion and Thwaites. She'd also laid on some nibbles which I could only pick at, Bill having cooked me a nice pizza beforehand. Two other friends of Val's were there, Other Bill and Fiona, with their young son Euan. The famous blog-writing Eric the Cat (see links) also honoured us with his prescence, he's a bit of a party animal!
Bill Badger and I had brought our recorder and tin whistle so we all had a go at trying to accompany the melodeon, creating a lovely cacophony with the electric guitar of the teenagers in the next room!! Other Bill also had a go at playing Tall Ships from Steve Knightley's Songbook on the recorder. Euan was offered some elastic band guns and then had a go at pinging Other Val on the bottom, cheeky boy!
We could have stayed and chatted all night, but I had to get up early to go to work today.
I was surprised to hear the loud, nasal tones of Clive on the train this morning, usually he doesn't venture into my carriage. He was talking to his mate Loud Eric, who is a useful double-agent as he will sometimes repeat back the crap that Clive has told him about me to other people at the top of his voice, thinking I can't hear him. Anyhow, they weren't talking about me so I got on with reading 'Lavondyss'.
After a while I felt sleepy and put the book down. Then Clive and Eric stopped their conversation, Clive saying I could be listening!! Sure enough, as soon as I picked up the book again they started talking again. Me being me, I tried opening and closing the book a few times but they didn't seem to notice that, then I laughed. This I'm afraid is typical of the silly games we end up playing. What the solution is, I don't know.
Anyhow I'm not wroking very hard, am I? I'd better get on with getting all the furniture up off the floor so that the cleaners can give it it's annual polish.
Merry Christmas to all my readers, if I don't post before!

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