Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Greensand Way, Part 1

Today it was my turn to choose what to do so I said 'Go for a walk - as long as it's not somewhere muddy'. After discussion we decided on the first bit of the Greensand Way, which Bill is hoping to complete in stages, as part of his training for the Pennine Way next year.
The first challenge was to find Witley station, which we did after some dodgy navigation from me, and park the car. Then over the well-hidden footbridge and onto the Greensand Way!
The walk was fairly uneventful until the hair-raising crossing of the A3 and the visit to the excellent Three Horseshoes pub in Thursley. The Fullers Jack Frost was the best I'd ever tasted, and Bill said the Hogs Back TEA was the best he'd had in years. We didn't have lunch though, the meals being a bit on the pricey side but ate cheese and tomato-and-parmesan bread on the village green.
On leaving the pub I noticed I was getting a blister, which was bad news as we weren't halfway round yet. I don't get on with my Karrimor boots at the moment. However Bill lent me his hiking pole and I was soon being distracted by the views from Hindhead Common and the Devil's Punchbowl. Spotted some cute ponies just as we were leaving Nutcombe, Bill then tried his 'only one mile to go downhill all the way' trick when we were about 2 miles from Haslemere and the end of the walk. I just about managed to limp all the way to the station cafe for a well-earned cuppa and a Snickers flapjack.
Am still playing with my blister - it hasn't popped yet and is about the size of half a Kiwi fruit. Lovely.

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