Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Arizona Smoke Review at Nettlebed

Bill was driving this time, and picked up Other Val from her home in Camberley, and her other half Matt from the station in Twyford. We thought we'd arrived a bit on the late side but Nettlebed Folk Club still made us queue outside in the freezing cold. Sometimes the folkies will sing to keep warm but Val and Matt weren't really up for that! Luckily we weren't outside for long.
There were no floor spots, a departure for Nettlebed as they usually have 2 or 3 before the start and 2 after the interval. But we did have Morris dancers halfway through instead, for which we had to move all the chairs to the side of the hall - what a palaver!
The lineup of Arizona Smoke Review was down to 4, Paul Downes, Pete Zorn, Bill Zorn and Gaylan Taylor. I must admit I didn't like the set, I'm not really into all that yee-haw stuff. Bill Badger said the only songs he liked were Paul Downes' ones and I had to agree. Also there seemed to be some sound problems - Paul's and Pete's vocals should have gone UP, the mandolin and possibly also the banjo DOWN. Also to my untrained ear the banjo and mandolin seemed to be working against each other - someone half a beat behind, or someone not quite in tune? I'm sure Phil Beer would have sorted everything out. Saying that the room was packed and everyone else seemed to enjoy themselves.
Phil the Santa was there though - I waggled him at Paul and said 'Phil Beer!' and Paul laughed.
Had some disasters during the second half of the evening - I kicked over hubby's beer and smashed the glass - Other Val helped me mop it up, luckily the glass had broken cleanly. Then as we were chatting by the bar as people were leaving, a man in a blue coat rudely shoved me out of the way, so that I nearly knocked another lady over who was standing the other side of me! I of course apologized but the man didn't even stop. I'm afraid that is typical of the atmosphere at Nettlebed Folk Club sometimes which is why I don't really like the place. Then as I was walking back to the car I tripped on the road surface and fell on my hands and knees into a puddle! I was filthy but otherwise OK.
Have got the day off today - am supposed to be cleaning the house for Graham's visit so I'd better get on with it! Bye for now!

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