Wednesday, May 14, 2008

New Job!

Good news - I've finally found gainful employment after 2 months as a 'kept woman'. The new job is with Sun Chemicals in Radstock, making up samples of specialist ink. I'm enjoying working in a lab again, and I'm with a nice friendly team.
Trouble is, I'm now at work while the heat wave continues!!


Ron Southern said...

On April 13 I got a note from you, but either I didn't recogniZe it as you or I already don't remember. But, hell, I probably barely saw it, since I'd had that stroke March 26 and you can't get hands on a computer when in hospital! Sonofabitch. So I probably didn't see it until weeks later. Thanks for coming around--you can shake your dancing hoops at me any time even if you are getting married. It'll be our little secret--you and me and a hundred other nameless souls.

Patrick said...

I Don't know... turn my back for a second and someone's cyber flirting with my fiancee! Be orf wi' ya before I turn my musket on you!

Hope you're getting over the stroke Ron, and don't worry, I'll look after Val :-)