Monday, May 28, 2007

Shingles - ow ow ow ow ow!

No, not the kind you get on the beach, but the dormant chickenpox type that has decided to resurface because I am stressed. Yeah thanks, body, that's just what I need at this moment! There's a patch on my ribs and another on my back. The one on my ribs is really painful, it's like getting stabbed in the chest every now and again.
And it means I can't come into contact with other people, as I could give them chicken pox/shingles if they haven't already had it. So no Chippenham folk festival for me this weekend. Also no more flat viewings for a while, and nobody can come here either for viewings as I'm staying in the house.
On top of all of that, it's hissed it down with rain all weekend, so I couldn't even go into the garden!
Good thing I have friends and relations to phone up when I'm feeling down. The Aciclovir tablets knock me for six and the disease seems to have scrambled my brain as well, I'm not at my sparkling-est.


Ron Southern said...

Never had it, but they have a bad reputation and I'm sorry to hear it. Wish I had some good advice.

No, no books. I think you're only the 4th or 5th person ever to actually read any of the Dogger Gatsby stories. The vignette length (very short) stories in The Rat Squeaks have been read more, of course.

Speaking of stalkers, what is your email address?

Val Travers said...

I've sent you an email Ron, so you should now have it.
YOU SHOULD PUBLISH! How about a book of short stories?

lorenzothellama said...

I take Aciclovir tablets for cold sores. Are they related to chickenpox and shingles? The tablets are very effective if taken in time and I don't get any side effects. Zovirax is the cream of Aciclovir. Wonder if that would help your shingles?

Val Travers said...

Yes, cold sores are related to chickenpox/shingles but not the same virus. Maybe the cream is not as effective as the tablets, don't know. They are healing nicely now, thank you!