Thursday, November 23, 2006

Rachel Unthank and the Winterset at the Anvil

Not in the main auditorium but in the Forge bit. I was surprised the gig didn't sell out, but I suppose that since Rachel Unthank is from the North-East she isn't as well known in Basingstoke. Still, that didn't stop her going down a storm with the audience. She sang lots of my favourite songs from her "Cruel Sister" album (Mojo Magazine folk album of the year 2005, no less!). She does a brilliant version of Cyril Tawney's "On a Monday Morning" with Becky, Jackie and Belinda's backing vocals. Bit worried about "Cruel Sister" - I hope Becky never tries to steal Adrian, otherwise she might end up as a harp! Seriously though, I had a chat to Rachel at the interval and she was really friendly and down-to-earth. I asked about one of the new songs the band sang, a round called "The Stuking Song" which would be great for Guildford Vox to sing. She promised faithfully to email me the lyrics which was really kind of her.
Jackie was nice to talk to as well. The poor woman had her 5-string violin-viola stolen recently. I hope they catch whoever did it, as I'm sure she must have been very attached to it. As a result, Jackie had to keep swapping between a violin and a viola in the middle of songs. I love the Winterset's version of "The Cruel Ship's Carpenter" as well, with Jackie as lead singer.
Belinda was on fine form - I love her dry sense of humour. She sang a rather bitter song about judgemental attitudes to lesbianism, which surprised me. It was very brave of her to sing it, in case there were such people in the room - but folkies are generally very accepting and plenty of people joined in the song. I realised why Becky sings "Today I am a Boy" cabaret-style, gazing at Belinda on the piano though!
They've got a new album out soon and I'm really looking forward to getting it. Don't know what it's called yet but I'll let you know.
Hoping the Winterset tour round our way again soon!

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