Thursday, June 30, 2005

Beer Festival Meeting in Redhill

On Tuesday I thought I'd attend a Redhill Beer Festival meeting, as I'm supposed to be organising the Products and Membership table. Kathy caught the minibus with me, which saved me hanging around town on my own.
Firt port of call was the Sun, for some dinner (not 'tea' as some heathens might call it). We decided on the 2 for £6.25 option, Kathy had Chicken Burger (actually a fillet of chicken in a bun) and I had Chilli and Nachos, both fine and good value. We passed on the beer though, the range wasn't great that night.
Next I took Kath to the Hatch, as she hadn't been there before. A bit of a walk from the town centre but worth it. The Goldings was good and the Spitfire even better - just a tad expensive at £2.70 and £3.00 a pint!!
Then back to the Garland with its comprehensive range of Harvey's beers. Martini the Cat gave us a friendly welcome, gatecrashing on our meeting, still nosey at 20 years old! The beer was as good as ever, the Tom Paine being on particularly fine form. Sat and listened to the meeting, my only contribution being to ask for 2 tables-worth of space to be included in the site plan for me. At about 9pm a violent storm distracted us with loud booms and hailstones against the windows. Kathy and Sally seemed to be running the show fine, with Nick from SHB being very helpful.
I left shortly before Nick, but was dismayed on reaching the station to see that all the train had been delayed due to signalling problems, the result of the storm. Decided to play it safe and stay over with Kathy on the sofabed in the Bungalow, very cosy it was too, but I was dying for a shower in the morning. At least I had a change of clothes in my locker at work, the way that us chemists do.
Hope Nick made it back OK, will ask him next time I see him...

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