Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Well, the news is everywhere, and anyway you guessed this would happen from my last post, dear readers!
Patrick proposed on Wednesday 17th, whilst we were watching the sun go down on a beautiful clear evening at the top of Leith Hill, so of course I said yes! It was four months to the day since that fateful weekend in Middlewich. Some might say it was a bit quick, but then we have known each other for 17 years!
So it was ring shopping on Saturday in Bath - I'd had a scout round the shops on my own in the morning, whilst Patrick was at work, and so when we met in the afternoon I showed him my favourites. We both liked a gold ring with an aquamarine and 2 diamonds, so that's what I'm wearing now! All my friends have remarked on how beautiful it is. Then it was off to the Salamander for a celebratory beer and burger.
We watched the rugby on the big screen at Bath Beer Festival in the evening - disappointing rugby but great beer and cider. Our beer of the festival was Star Spangled Banner from Saltaire Brewery - delicious American hop taste. Cider/perry of the festival were from Ross-on-Wye press - aged in whisky casks for an unusual finish.
Sunday was the walk along part of the derelict Somerset Coal Canal - very interesting, especially the bits about the lives of the ordinary bargees and coalminers, but a bit of a scramble in places, and I hadn't brought my walking boots, d'oh! It was good to meet Patrick's canal enthusiast friends - no doubt I'll be seeing them again soon for some 'vertical gardening' (clearing the weed from canal remains). Patrick offered to drop me off in Salisbury; we thought we'd have a quick walk to the Old Mill and back (again, really nice clear evening) and a pint and takeaway curry at the Village pub round the corner from the station.
Another wonderful weekend :)


Viv said...

Congratulations from both myself and Harry. Have never met Patrick but I'm sure he must be something special.

Matt said...

Congratulations Val, that's great news, though not entirely unexpected give the way you've been writing about him in your blog!

Matt and Sue

TCA said...

Congratulations - great news ...and about time too!

We will have a celebratory pint for you on our next outing.


TCA said...

Matt, is that Sue sitting next to you in the photo?

Matt said...

TCA, nope that's Lou. Lives up north and attends folk festivals; Sue tends to be a bit photo shy!