Sunday, June 10, 2007

Southampton Weekend

Had a great time in Southampton *deleted*. Had a really nice meal with Pat and Shirl in Buffalo Bill's in Commercial Road - excellent burgers and very big portions. Just right to line the stomach before heading to the beer festival at the Guildhall.
Decided to make it a dark beer night with Bradfield Farmer's Stout, Cairngorm Black Gold, Little Valley Stoodley Stout and some others which I forget!
*deleted* Mary Jane were still very good, and I knew a lot of the words to their old stuff, so could appreciate Burning Times and Matty Groves, for instance. Shame their new album wasn't ready yet! The new songs sounded fab though, lots of nice fast Celtic numbers, and some slower woodwind-led ballads.
*deleted* Next day we all met up again and we drove to Romsey to show Pat the canal, the Salmon Leap and other sights. *deleted*. No pubs were involved, although we did point out quite a few of our old haunts! Had a nice tea and cake at the King John's Lodge - I'd definitely reccommend it. They've done a lovely job with the museum there.
Back home again now - have finished all the painting - hooray! Hope we have some offers on the house soon - I can't wait to get away to Redhill and start my new life.
Sorry about the deletions folks - Kevin has requested that I do not refer to a certain incident in my blog, which is probably for the best.


TCA said...

Val, I fear that confrontation is highly satifying for Ugly and exactly what she wants.

Know it's tough but next time just try and ignore her, even if she does sit in your seat - and try and look as if you are having fun at all times.

We're with you.


Anonymous said...


Although you may not have acted with the greatest maturity by "accidentally" spilling your drink I don't think anyone can really blame you!!

You seem be acting with a great deal more respect for yourself and not treating this website as a weapon to attack people who are simply innocent bystanders.

If someone chooses to be unfaithful in a relationship they have absolutely no right to complain or make a fuss when things finally come to an end. And worse still to name and shame children............. who have done absolutely nothing wrong.

The only way she will ever learn is when she picks the wrongs persons husband (because she will cheat again!), and i hope the next wronged wife gives her what she truly deserves........... a good slap!

Ron Southern said...

Come back to me soon. Oh, there you are--never mind!

Ron Southern said...

You're not entirely there. Here. Wherever, you're not! Are you?

I wonder what you're deleting? But it's only curiosity. I'm always curious, though I seldom need to know.