Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wickham Folk Festival 2006

Not the most comfortable of festivals but there's no denying that the line up was fantastic. The artists included:
Spiers and Boden
Richard Thompson
Seth Lakeman
Blue Horses
Steeleye Span
Martha Tilston
Kirsty McGee
The Larry Love Band (Alabama 3 Unnplugged)
The Dolmen
The Fold
All but the last two I'd heard of before, and wanted to see, and the last two I've become a fan of since the festie!
Spiers and Boden were perhaps a bit out of their element as Thursday night headliners, perhaps they'd have fared better with their band, which would have pleased us dance lovers, but they were still a hit with the crowd. A lot of people seemed to just turn up for Richard Thompson, who did unbelievable, amazing things with his guitar! I stood closer to get a look, and so that Richard could hear my insistent requests for Vincent Black Lightning and Beeswing (at least he couldn't accuse ME of being stuck in the 60s!). Would have requested the ceilidh-player adultery song but don't know the title ;-)
Blue Horses have gone a bit heavy rock (according to Mr Badger). I only stayed for 1 song and then had to go outside and sit down, as the indoor hall was too hot for standing. They're not to Bill's taste any more but they seemed popular with the crowd - including Cardiff Ladies' Morris!
Colvin Quarmby were very popular and the crowd were screaming for an encore - which they didn't get! Saw CQ and their entourage sat round a big table in the canteen eating their free dinner but was too shy to come over and say hello. If Other Val'd been there as well I would have said hi and well done.
Other Val discovered Chris and Thomas, a Simon & Garfunkel like guitar duo. She bought the CD but was not tempted with a t-shirt - even though she'd have had 2 men on her chest!
Martha Tilston and friends just get better and better - it will be interesting to hear her with her new band. Huckleberries a bit disappointing, they've gone all psychedelic, not my thang. Kirsty McGee didn't play her song about Hell which is my favourite - will have to request it next time - even though she had 2 spots!
The Dolmen from Weymouth were a good discovery - I had a good old dance to them till the stifling heat of the hall got to me. Their rock version of Prickleye Bush has to be heard to be believed. Bill bought the latest CD, bargain at £5. Also discovered The Fold, they're great - being from Brighton they're inevitably much like the Levellers but also a bit like 3 Daft Monkeys.
I wouldn't camp again though, the field was very flinty, stubbly and furrowy (Viv and Harry's camper van nearly got stuck!) not to mention floodlit by noisy generator powered lights. In fact, me and Bill ended up driving every night. A quet field with a curfew for families and me would have been nice, then another field for the loud, chatty, party people.
The main stage was unfortunately in a car park, OK if you brought a seat but not as nice as a field. The wasps and flying ants weren't too bad, just a bit of a nuisance. An the plus side, the Nepalese Curry was delicious! At £4.50 not too much of a rip off for festie food.
Peter Chegwyn please take note! And thanks for a marvellous festival. Happy days!

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