Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tolpuddle Martyrs' Day

Phew, what a scorcher! Hot drive down to Tolpuddle in our little non-air-conditioned car, thankfully no delays, to arrive at a very hot music festival. David Rovics was on fine form, the people from the Venezuela and Guantanamo campaigns loved him - he is so knowledgeable about world affairs, with the Latin countries particularly dear to his heart. The brother of Omar Deghayes, Guantanamo prisoner no. 727, arrested seemingly in a case of mistaken identity, was there to campaign for his release.
Heron, one of Quintin's favourite bands, were there - pleasant but they didn't grab me. Maybe I'll give them a few more listens. Billy Bragg also played in the scorching afternoon heat - and had a particular go at the Dagenham and Barking CLP, who were there with their banner! Good if it urges them to give the BNP more of a challenge. There was no escape from the heat whilst listening to the music - the marquees were just as hot as outside.
I attempted to join the march behind the Swindon Against Bombing banner but the heat was too much for me and I had to go and sit under a tree! Kevin was wearing a Billy Bragg 'Socialism of the Heart' t-shirt and as the march went past him, he heard someone say 'Nice t-shirt mate' - it was Billy himself!
Even hotter on the way back - we stopped at the Langton Arms, Tarrant Monckton and the Wyndham Arms, Salisbury on the way back to take liquid refreshment and cool down. A good day - we may go for the whole weekend next year :-)

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