Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Levellers at Dorking Halls 30/03/06

I can only apologize for not posting for so long! Someone introduced me to Myspace and I've been busy trying to suss that out, also been away (more about that later).
We missed the support due to traffic problems, which was just as well as he wasn't very good. Simon Friend accompanied him but even that didn't help as he played and sang out of rhythm.
Briefly saw Neil of Chanticleer and his wife, who'd got free tickets, and Angie and Gill from the Board at the end, unfortunately Bill Badger was keen to go by then fearing more traffic jams.
The Levellers were on good form, belting out non-stop dancey sing-ey music whilst the fans down in the mosh-pit went wild, pogoing and slam-reeling ecstatically. The volume was a little loud even for me - I was in the balcony near the back, but when I left my ears were ringing as if I'd been standing next to the speakers. Mark Chadwick sent a little girl away from her front spot because she was holding her ears and saying 'ow' - I'm sure it wasn't because she hated the music!
The band didn't let the fans down and played their greatest hit and signature tune 'One Way' which had the whole hall singing. Fabulous night out!

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